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Bankruptcy Law Firm

Monroe, NC

Debt relief options

We can offer the legal package that is right for you

Whether you are looking at bankruptcy or debt negotiation  give us a call to discuss your options.
  1. 0
    Chapter 7
    Personal or Business.
  2. 1
    Chapter 11
    Mainly used for Business Reorganization
  3. 2
    Chapter 13
    Repayment program over 3-5 years.
  4. 3
    Credit Card Defense
    Have you been sued for outstanding Credit Card debt?
  5. 4
    Medical Debt Defense
    Unpaid Medical Bills?
  6. 5
    Foreclosure Defense
    Is your home in foreclosure?
  7. 6
    Are you behind on car payments?
  8. 7
    Debt Settlement?
    Looking to reduce your debt without bankruptcy?