Transparent Fees

The fees listed below are standard all inclusive fees. Of course each case is unique and any deviation from the fees listed below will be fully disclosed before payment.

The typical Chapter 7 runs $1,950 total. This includes the attorney fee, court filing fees, and mandatory credit counseling fees.

The typical Chapter 13 requires $1,500 upfront and the balance is paid over the 3-5  year plan. The presumptive fee set by the court in the Western District of NC is $4,500.

We typically charge $750 to negotiate a typical credit card debt. If you have several different creditors we can certainly discuss a lump sum fee to cover everything.

We typically charge $600 to prepare an Answer to a typical credit card lawsuit. This can help buy time to negotiate a settlement.

We typically charge $750 to attend a foreclosure hearing in front of the clerk of court. This often results in a continuance for 60 days to work on a loan modification or consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

There is no fee for a bankruptcy consultation. All other matters require a $150 consultation fee.

Bankruptcy Fee Agreement

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